Gazprom: who will pay for Putin's decision to " freeze Europe"?

<strong>Gazprom: who will pay for Putin's decision to ">
According to the Russian authorities’ forecasts, the export of Russian pipeline gas to key markets in 2023 will fall by two times to 50 billion cubic meters. Sanctions on Russian gas imports have not yet been introduced, and export supplies to Europe have been limited by the Kremlin’s decision. We estimate Gazprom's losses at USD 30-45 billion (depending on the comparison base). Considering that gas is an essential component of the Russian economy, we will take a look at how the reduction in export supplies will affect incomes and quality of life in the Russian Federation. We note right away that we do not consider LNG supplies in this analysis; this is a separate independent topic, and only pipeline gas will be discussed here. The latter accounted for 90% of Gazprom's exports by the end of 2022.

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