What party Evgeniy Prigozhin creates

What party Evgeniy Prigozhin creates
Over the last few months, Evgeniy Prigozhin has become one of the key newsmakers in the Russian Federation. As we noted in the case study “How much is enough for Yevgeny Prigozhin?”, the main goal of his activity is the struggle for his own subjectivity in Russian politics. That is, going beyond the functionality of the “guarantor” to more serious positions. Possible scenarios were: 1.integration into one of the influence groups ("Kremlin Towers") – “siloviki” group 2. a key role in the future political project – a kind of reincarnation of the idea of ​​the “Rodina” party – a structure that would allow the Kremlin to channel the activity (and protest moods) of the radical imperial part of Russian society. The first scenario was regarded to be a priority at the turn of October-December 2023. However, the opposition of the system, primarily the elites from various groups of influence (not only the security forces), made it difficult to be implemented at this stage. Accordingly, the priority was given to the second option – to prepare the foundation for the launch of his own (naturally agreed with Putin) party project.

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